File Connection Policy
The connection policy defines which institutions can connect to the network operated by TENET and on what terms.
TENET Website terms and conditions of use
File PDF document Acceptable Use Policy
TENET's service agreement with its institutions requires them to have acceptable use policies that include reference to this Acceptable Use Policy
File PDF document Privacy Policy
Details of what personal information TENET collects and how it is used
Escalation & Complaints Procedure
If you have a complaint about services provided by TENET or wish to escalate an existing issue, please follow this procedure.
File PDF document Service Level Indicators and Targets
File PDF document proatia-v2012-02.pdf
Manual in terms of the Promotion of Access To Information Act
File TENET REN Service Agreement redistributable
The text of TENET's REN Service Agreement available for re-use under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licencing
File Complaints procedure
Formal complaints procedure, for use when escalation fails to bring the desired outcome.
File Troff document Code of Conduct
File UKZN Hospitals
File RealAudio document TENET ORCID Consortium Application Form
Application for membership of the TENET ORCID Consortium
File RFP 2018-02 RCCP II Phase 5 Polokwane FibreV3.0_
File Annexure C RCCP II RFP Polokwane Fibre TEMPLATE
File Annexure B RCCP II RFP Phase 4 Site Request Info and Costing Template 20180212 V1.0
File Annexure D RCCP II Polokwane Ring
File ECMAScript program Annexure E RCCP II Polokwane Sites
File RFP 2018-04 RCCP II Phase 5 Site Connections V1.0
File chemical/x-isostar Annexure B RCCP II RFP Phase 5 Site List
File Annexure D RCCP II RFP Phase 5 Evaluation TEMPLATE
File Annexure C RCCP II RFP Phase 5 Site Information, GPS Coordinates and Costing
File PDF document job description finance manager
File RFP - 2018-09 Johannesburg Metro Fibre Upgrade V1.0
File RealAudio document Annexure B JHB Metro Upgrade Diagram
File Annexure C JHB Metro Upgrade Site Information and Costing Template
File Annexure D JHB Metro Upgrade Evaluation Template