Escalation & Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about TENET services or wish to escalate an existing issue, please follow this proceedure.

First Level Operational Support

All problems should be reported to our Service Support Desk in the first instance. You can contact them on a 24×7×365 basis by phoning +27.21.763.7147 or emailing c3VwcG9ydEB0ZW5ldC5hYy56YQ==.

Escalations during business hours

During business hours your query or issue can be escalated through each of the following levels:

Level 1:

Lynette Wood
Service Support Manager
Email: bHluZXR0ZUB0ZW5ldC5hYy56YQ==
Office: +27.21.763.7181

Level 2:

Rifaat Emeran
Service Delivery Manager
Email: cmlmYWF0QHRlbmV0LmFjLnph
Office: +27.21.763.7155

Level 3:

Duncan Greaves
Chief Executive Office
Email: Y2VvQHRlbmV0LmFjLnph
Office: +27.21.763.7144

When escalating an issue, please provide as much information as possible to assist in investigating. At the very least you should supply the ticket number you received from our service support desk. Additional information such as your TSN number, copies of emails, details of telephonic conversations, any diagnostic information available, etc will assist in the speedy resolution of your complaint.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for your issue to be attended to before escalating to the next level.

Formal complaints

Please note that TENET does not act as a general ombudsman for the further education or higher education sectors. The complaints procedure below is intended only for persons wishing to lodge a complaint about TENET services. Students wishing to lodge complaints about their institutions of study should direct these to the relevant institution. Further assistance may be obtained for the DHET call centre, also contactable at

If you've followed the escalation procedure above and you've still not received a satisfactory outcome, you can lodge a formal complaint.