Clarifying TENET and Tenet Technology (Pty) Ltd

TENET wishes to record that it is not related to "Tenet Technology" and is not involved in the provision of the NSFAS bank account.
Clarifying TENET and Tenet Technology (Pty) Ltd

We've recently learnt that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme has contracted with a company called "Tenet Technology" to provide a NSFAS bank card. Despite the apparent similarities in name and logo, we have nothing to do with Tenet Technology or the provision of payment cards to NSFAS.

Given our long-standing association with the higher education sector and NSFAS, the choice of name is unfortunate. It is already confusing students, universities, and others. Whilst TENET provides connectivity solutions to NSFAS through the SANReN network, we did not respond to tender SCMN022/2021 (Provision of direct payments of allowances to NSFAS students). Nor are we associated with any of the successful bidders in that tender: coinvest, eZaga, Norraco, or Tenet Technology.

The word "TENET" is a registered trademark and a recognised short name for the Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa NPC. We have styled ourselves TENET since our founding in August 2000. We are exploring options for protecting our rights.

Updated: 2023/03/08
TENET has instructed its intellectual property attorneys to commence proceedings against Tenet Technology (Pty) Ltd in the High Court.