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Supporting documentation:

RFP 2018-04 RCCP II Phase 5 Site Connections V1.0: http://resolveuid/eef0dbb93b2c46baaf9e8b3a6f649bf6

Annexure B RCCP II RFP Phase 5 Site List: http://resolveuid/f82472d005d54333b4d5ff4e9ed7f5f8

Annexure C RCCP II RFP Phase 5 Site Information, GPS Coordinates and Costing: http://resolveuid/38c53c6683874f97aaf887d8bb18ac75

Annexure D RCCP II RFP Phase 5 Evaluation TEMPLATE: http://resolveuid/8f9282c027e54c268aaef60079dd9cb5


For any queries relating to the RFP, please contact Helga Van Wyk – RCCP II Project Manager on 076 457 1680 and helga@tenet.ac.za


As indicated in the RFP, all queries and responses will be posted on our website for transparency and info sharing to all service providers.


QuestionUNISA Potchefstroom location

Answer: Site moved. New address is: Goetz St, Potchefstroom, 2531. GPS: '-26.708486, 27.099922


QuestionBafokeng Health Centre - the supplied GPS coordinates are  25°35'1.80"S  27° 9'54.33"E(vacant plot) but GE shows it to be at  25°33'34.12"S  27° 9'20.03"E

AnswerThe confirmed GPS coordinates are 25°33'34.12"S  27° 9'20.03"E.


QuestionCan a service provider do a submission that includes only some of the sites or must the service provider submit all sites?

Answer: Yes, you may submit for some sites only. It is not compulsory to submit for all.


QuestionDoes TENET have the right to select only specific sites in our proposal and award other sites to other providers?

Answer: Yes, TENET (including the panel) have the right to submit whichever sites they deem suitable to other providers. We generally do not practice awarding all sites to one provider (there would have to be a very good reason to do this, for example, one provider may have a lot of presence in one area and they have unbeatable costing which cannot be matched by any other provider).