RCCP II Phase Five Polokwane Fibre RFP

RCCP II Phase Five Polokwane Fibre RFP

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Supporting documentation:

RFP 2018-02 RCCP II Phase 5 Polokwane FibreV3.0

Annexure B RCCP II RFP Phase 4 Site Request Info and Costing Template 20180212 V1.0

Annexure C RCCP II RFP Polokwane Fibre TEMPLATE

Annexure D RCCP II Polokwane Ring

Annexure E RCCP II Polokwane Sites


For any queries relating to the RFP, please contact Helga Van Wyk – RCCP II Project Manager on 076 457 1680 


As indicated in the RFP, all queries and responses will be posted on our website for transparency and info sharing to all service providers.


Query 1:

The RFP suggests a dark fibre infrastructure but also a degree of management and monitoring as well as the deployment of a ring architecture which suggests a “managed layer 1 service”


This slightly contradicts a dark fibre only service, and so we are asking for clarification that we can propose a service whereby the service provider lights the fibre (as opposed to TENET doing so) and delivering a managed service as opposed to simply the fibre optic cables as a civil works service (digging trenches and laying unlit fibre)


The Engineering team has confirmed that it will be a dark fibre only service (we would light up the dark fibre).


Query 2:

I refer to the first site in the spreadsheet: I thinks these coordinates are incorrect?

University of Limpopo

Polokwane Hospital 

Kollege Ave

Polokwane 0700


-53.623667,  29.461111


23°53'37.42"S 29°27'40.25"E


Query 3:

Confirm whether you will be considering access mediums other than dark fibre, such as Layer 2 Fibre or Licensed Microwave?


Dark fibre only


Query 4:

1.       Please provide more detail per ‘Evaluation criteria’ in Annexure C ?

2.       Please provide criteria per item for the Administrative compliance in Annexure C ?

3.       Is there a specific pricing format required for the price submission or is there a template available for the pricing structure?


1.      Please refer to the worksheets in the annexure. They give an overview of each (page 2). Review all three pages of Annexure C.

2.       Also to be found on page 2 of the annexure:


Administrative Compliance: Submission provided included the requisite sections


Refer to the RFP for the mandatory components. For administrative compliance you need to ensure that all that is requested in the RFP is submitted and complied with, for example:

  •        How the costing should be submitted (excluding VAT, VAT amount, including VAT)
  •        A full description of service support / SLA options should be provided, together with associated costs.
  •        Pay attention to VIII. Annexure A: Additional mandatory requirements.


3.       Yes, there is a specific pricing format – Annexure B that was sent with the RFP (attached – scroll to the right of the s/sheet).