RFP - Johannesburg Metro Fibre Upgrade

RFP -  Johannesburg Metro Fibre Upgrade

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Supporting Documentation:

RFP 2018-09 Johannesburg Metro Fibre Upgrade V1.0: http://resolveuid/6e6b9a3caaa94b1bba4b9cde4694ccba

Annexure B JHB Metro Upgrade Diagram: http://resolveuid/e72dea48838a4cc78f771774758ea531

Annexure C JHB Metro Upgrade Site Information and Costing Template: http://resolveuid/4e458a36ef334295b502092e78de22cc

Annexure D JHB Metro Upgrade Evaluation Template: http://resolveuid/d326ab1df57646ec843a7268e67c964a


For any queries relating to the RFP, please contact Helga van Wyk - RCCP II Project Manager on 076 457 1680 and helga@tenet.ac.za 


As indicated in the RFP, all queries and responses will be posted on our website for transparency and info sharing to all service providers.


Question: Is the requirement for tying in the core ring (JNB1-JNB2-JNB3) to Teraco (ISD1) is an unprotected dark fibre circuit. Is there an alternate dual route between the ring and Teraco?

Answer: There is a circuit between JNB1 and Teraco that we are not looking to replace (and therefore not reflected in the RFP and diagram). We only interested in replacing the four highlighted in the diagram.

Also note, in the RFP: “Fibre routing should be route redundant, specifically, not utilizing common trenches, ducts, manholes entering or leaving a site, by means of the shortest path possible between sites. Route redundancy to be provided on the ring portion of the diagram.”


Question: Will Tenet consider alternative Fibre Types ie G.655 as opposed to that provided in the tender document?

Answer: ITU G.655 would be welcome if available, as it would fully support 4 channel 100G Ethernet, if need be, in future.