Information on how to contact our service desk and log a fault

Students and staff of universities

If you're a student or staff member at one of our client institutions and wish to report a problem, please contact your institution's IT help desk or IT service desk. Your own institution is best placed to give you the right information and, if necessary, their staff can log a fault with us on your behalf.

Information for TVETS

TENET provides connectivity to TVET colleges via a subsidiary called SABEN. See the SABEN website for information on how to gain the benefits of SANReN connectivity at a TVET.

Information for Schools

TENET does not provide connectivity for schools directly. TENET may, however, connect schools’ networks that are able to operate their own network and support a group of schools within a given geographic area. For information on a schools’ network near you, or on how to form one, please contact us.