Research and Education Networking

Implementing global best practice nationwide

TENET [/tɛnɛt/] is a non-profit company that was set up specifically for the benefit of South African universities and associated research institutions. We are committed to delivering exceptional Internet and Information Technology services that are strongly aligned and consistent with the organisational requirements of our user community.

What makes us unique?

Our long-standing and in-depth understanding of the higher education space means that our services are unique, and our entire portfolio is geared towards meeting the specific needs of research and higher education. We are both focused on the needs of our members in higher education, and we are fully accountable to them. TENET’s approach is highly responsive, and we work with our members to ensure solutions that meet their particular needs.

What drives us?

Our vision is to keep South African research and education at the leading edge of this space in Africa and globally. We believe that South Africa produces world-leading research, and we are proud to serve the research community in enabling and furthering this valuable and innovative work.

At TENET, we believe that education is a fundamentally important element in society. We strive to emulate best practice in this space globally and guide our member institutions towards these practices. We are passionate about delivering services that empower our universities to compete on the global stage.

Part of our vision is to develop appropriate solutions for South Africa’s unique context. This spans a wide range of offerings, from bridging the digital divide to conducting world research with leading experts in their fields. We also support the urgent need to grow education in South Africa, and our services are designed to meet the requirements of our beneficiaries’ transformation agendas.

Our Purpose and Constitution

TENET was created in August 2000 by the public universities of South Africa as the organisational home of, and vehicle for, collaborative inter-networking by universities, science councils and associated support institutions. Our leadership comprises experts in their field, and our employees are highly skilled. We are agile in terms of our team structure, and responsive in our ability to grow.

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Policy & Procedure

Our policies reflect TENET’s enduring respect for the norms, rules and established good practices that characterise research and education networking worldwide.