TENET operates the SANReN network providing the South African higher education and research community with Internet connectivity and value-added services.

TENET operates the SANReN MPLS network under the terms of a Collaboration Agreement with the SANReN Competency Area at the CSIR. The network comprises national and international points of presence, connected using a combination of dark and managed fibre links at speeds of up to 100Gbps. Dark fibre metro rings are deployed in most major cities in South Africa. International high-capacity submarine links connect Cape Town to London via WACS and Mtunzini to Amsterdam via SEACOM. Peering is available at all major national peering points (NAPAfrica, CINX, JINX, DINX) and internationally to LINX and AMS-IX. Transit services are provided via Liquid Telecom in Cape Town and Johannesburg and via Cogent, NTT and GÉANT in London and Amsterdam. Major deployments of Google and Akamai caches and peering complete the national picture.

The national network connects over 350 sites (campuses, offices) across all nine provinces at an aggregate bandwidth in excess of a terabit per second (Tbps).

TENET, along with the SCA, also participates in the Global Network Architecture (GNA), which is defining a blueprint for interconnecting international research and education networks on a global scale, opening up opportunities for these communities to become more prominent actors in their relevant domains.

TENET also operates the UbuntuNet gateways in Cape Town, Mtunzini, London and Amsterdam under contract to the UbuntuNet Alliance.

Service Alerts

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