25 Years of Internet in South Africa

We celebrated 25 years of Internet in South Africa on the 12 November 2016! The Internet, a global platform that connects people across the globe, eventually became the basis of our communication and information exchange from this point.
25 Years of Internet in South Africa

The first Internet protocol (IP) connection was made between the computer centre at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape by Mike Lawrie and the home of early Internet pioneer Randy Bush in Oregon, North-western United States on the 12 November 1991.

Prior to this, Lawrie, who was the director of computing services at the university at the time, lead the Rhodes University team where they established the first Internet networking system in 1988. Although there were many others who played a vital role in the development of Internet in South Africa, all will agree that Lawrie was the founding architect of the Web in South Africa.

Take a step back in time and have a look at the archived ping to ZA’s initial connection on the NSRC website: http://goo.gl/tYEqqF