Proud to lend a helping hand in the socio-economic development of SA’s ICT future


TENET recently got the opportunity to lend a helping hand by donating R10 000 to the ISPA Teacher Training Project, managed by the CoZa Cares Foundation.

After their participation in the project, these educators are able to pass on the information they gained to their learners. Many of them even start projects which involve the wider community at their schools, thus making it an outstanding and invaluable project which we are happy to be able to contribute towards.

Relating to this project, ISPA also hosts a yearly competition called SuperTeacher of the Year. This prestigious competition started back in 2001 and takes place at ISPA’s annual iWeek conference where top educators participating in the project are recognised.

CoZa Cares Foundation says the aim of this competition is to give educators the opportunity to showcase their skills in using Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to improve their educational environment within their school or community.

For more information about this project please visit the CoZa Care Foundation website