Technical update

The start to December seemed to be somewhat of a challenge for TENET engineers as we experienced some technical problems.

Mid-morning on Friday 2 December saw the second WACS circuit outage between Cape Town and London within the week. This resulted in all clients that were using WACS, being forced to use SEACOM. Unfortunately the SEACOM circuit was over-subscribed and congested, causing increased latencies and dropped packets.

By early afternoon connectivity via WACS from Cape Town to London was restored with one of the 10Gb links operational. The remaining 10Gb link fault was in hand with TENET’s South African backhaul service provider. Congestion on SEACOM then eased and the working WACS link carried the load without any further issues.

The restoration process has carried on into the second week of this month as TENET’s engineers continued to work to resolve all issues surrounding this outage