TENET's support for the service


In line with the general principles of TENET's services, TENET expects that an institution's assigned RAOs will act as the point of contact within their institution. RAOs should have a general understanding of certificates and certification authorities as a concept.

TENET provides first-tier support for the SA NREN Certificate Service's SCM instance and will manage escalations to Sectigo where necessary. Institutional RAOs seeking support should first log a call with TENET's service desk.

Non-SCM related problems

Limited support may be provided for more general certificate-related problems (i.e. those unrelated to Sectigo SCM and this certificate service). This may include advice and assistance in understanding security certificates as a concept.

However, given the vast variety of possible software and configuration options, such support can only be provided on a best-effort basis with no service warranties. Requests not directly related to the certificate service itself will be attended to at a lower priority. Institutions are encouraged to use their software vendor's support channels wherever possible, as these are better equipped to provide product-specific advice.