South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE)

Enabling staff and students to log in to web services all over the world with one trusted identity.
South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE)

Today, online services are crucial for research and education. Students, academics, researchers and institution staff rely on them for collaboration through many web services. This can be for e-learning, teaching and conferencing, analysing and sharing data, accessing journals and libraries etc. Enabling easy and convenient access to users is a key part of delivering a service. Service providers do not want the headaches associated with issuing passwords to users, and the user does not want yet another password.

The South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE) makes it possible for staff and students of higher educational institutions to log into services all over the world with one trusted identity provided by their home institution. Coupled with services like SeamlessAccess, it makes the experience, well, seamless.

SAFIRE was the first African participant in the eduGAIN interfederation, and TENET also provides sponsorship to the Research and Education FEDerations (REFEDS) group.

Our SAFIRE service has a dedicated web page at

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