South African eduVPN Instances


There are two types of eduVPN servers:

  • Secure Internet Access: access by all users from all research/education institutions participating in the SA NREN, to allow for safer use of the Internet
  • Institute Access: for universities and research organisations, providing exclusive access for members of that institution to their internal network

Secure Internet Access

This service is automatically available to any South African institution that participates in the South African Identity Federation (SAFIRE). Staff and students at participating institutions can simply log into the eduVPN Secure Internet Service using their home credentials.

To make use of eduVPN's Secure Internet Access service, simply log in at

TENET operates two guest "Secure Internet Access" instances of eduVPN, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town. Both instances are connected to our network at 10Gbps and have IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity. We have initially configured these with very few network restrictions. However, we may be forced to revisit this if we receive substantive take-down requests in accordance with South African law.

In addition, South African eduVPN users are able to use eduVPN instances in other countries when they're travelling or if they need to test connectivity from outside South Africa.

Institute Access

South African institutions that are interested in using eduVPN to provide a VPN service for access back to their campus should read through the documentation at You'll need to deploy one or more eduVPN instances on your campus, and then contact us to get them added into the global directory.

Once added, your users will be able to choose between Secure Internet Access and Institute Access depending on their needs at the time.