What about other requests?

TENET’s Service Support Centre is intended to be a ‘one-stop shop’, capable of correctly routing any request within TENET. However, some services have service-specific contact points that help automate some of this:

  • Requests for ad-hoc reports, address space (both IPv4 and IPv6), and other requests (i.e. anything other than fault reporting): support@tenet.ac.za
  • ac.za registrations: visit the www.ac.za pages or email hostmaster@tenet.ac.za
  • eduroam-related requests, see eduroam.ac.za or email eduroam@tenet.ac.za
  • Identity federation (SAFIRE) requests: see safire.ac.za or email safire@tenet.ac.za
  • ORCID related requests: orcid@tenet.ac.za
  • Certificate service-related requests: certs@tenet.ac.za
  • Zoom videoconferencing request: zoomsupport@tenet.ac.za

  • Security incident response: see csirt.sanren.ac.za or email csirt@tenet.ac.za
  • Billing/invoice enquiries: accounts@tenet.ac.za